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Smartphone Design Trends 2017

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Ultrasound Gestures and Sensorless Proximity for the Mobile Market

“Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 is the most luxurious Chinese phone ever made…[and] uses ultrasonic proximity sensors in lieu of those ugly black dots.”
— Raymond Wong, Mashable

“‘Inner Beauty’ won the heart of Xiaomi.”
— Julien Happich, EE News Europe

“Experts believe that Elliptic is set to dive into a multi-billion dollar market with its latest innovation.”
— Bob Hahn, Tech News Today

“Elliptic Labs appears to have succeeded in making the Jony Ives of the world sleep a little better at night.”
— Pete Pachal, Tech Editor, Mashable

“With the roll out of the BEAUTY software, Elliptic Labs is preparing to disrupt if not utterly gut a multi-million dollar hardware market.”
— Daniel Fuller, Android Headlines

‘Inner Beauty’ enable[s] the smartphone manufacturer to considerably extend the functional area of the screen.
— Julien Happich, EE News Europe

“…potential game changer for OEMs by reshaping the visual appeal and production cost of future smartphones.”
— Bob Hahn, Tech News Today

“Those ugly black sensor dots on your phone may finally be going away.”
— Pete Pachal, Tech Editor, Mashable

“The technology looks like the perfect option for Samsung to produce phones that can actually compete with the iPhone.”
— Mohid Ahmed, Bidness Etc

“Now, with the launch of the Mi MIX, Elliptic Labs is…already 16 to 18 months ahead of the competition.”
— Richard Lai, Engaget