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Ultrasound Gestures and Sensorless Proximity

Powered by Ultrasound

How Elliptic Labs’ Technology Works

Elliptic Labs software suite delivers gesture and proximity functions by re-using the existing earpiece and microphone, previously used only for audio. Ultrasound signals sent through the air from speakers integrated in smartphones and tablets bounce against your hand/object/head and are recorded by microphones, also integrated in these devices. In this way, Elliptic Labs’ technology recognizes your hand gestures and uses them to move objects on a screen, similarly to the way bats use echolocation to navigate. The active interaction area is 180 degrees around the device, and up to several meters with precise distance measurements made possible by ultrasound. Elliptic Labs delivers the largest interaction space for consumer electronic devices while using very low power. The interaction space can also be customized by device manufacturers or software developers according to user requirements.